calender Oct 17, 2020 12:30 AM
DigiDinar Listing at Changelly Exchange

DigiDinar is now available for trading on Changelly PRO!

Changelly PRO is happy to announce that DigiDinar and its trading pairs DDR/BTC and DDRT/BTC are now available for trading.

DigiDinar is a team of engineers, software developers, lawyers and businessmen who are developing innovative crypto solutions to help their community. DigiDinar utilized Blockchain technology and developed their own digital currencies that let Kuwait and other Gulf states get secure access to borderless digital payments.

DigiDinar Coin (DDR) is an open source cryptocurrency focused on fast private transactions with low transaction fees and environmental footprint. DigiDinar Token (DDRT) is an open source Ethereum-based token that offers users fast transactions and high liquidity. It is used by DigiDinar to convert users’ national currency to digital currencies as fast and as secure as possible using local payment methods.

DigiDinar CEO and Founder Ali Ahmad Ghareeb commented on this listing:

"It is a proud moment for DigiDinar. Thank you Changelly PRO we appreciate the recognition. We will continue to do our best!"

Changelly PRO CEO Eric Benz also sounded excited about this collaboration. He stated:

“This listing has a potential for a very successful collaboration both for Changelly PRO and DigiDinar.”

In addition to letting users trade DigiDinar and many other cryptocurrencies, Changelly PRO also allows traders to get extra profit via its referral program. Invite your friends and your audience to trade DigiDinar and other coins on Changelly PRO and receive 50% of their trading fees for six months.

About DigiDinar

DigiDinar is a Kuwaiti based online marketplace, offering real-time trading and the best encrypted security. Making cryptocurrency more adaptable, affordable and feasible for all users in Kuwait and Worldwide. The aim of DigiDinar is to achieve the best technology and most secure platform for all users.

Website: www.DigiDinar.com

About Changelly

Changelly provides an ecosystem of products and services that enables customers to have a one-stop-shop experience when engaging with crypto. Operating since 2015, Changelly acts as an intermediary between crypto exchanges and users, offering access to 160+ cryptocurrencies that can be effortlessly swapped within 10 minutes on desktop and on-the-go via Changelly mobile app.

In 2020, Changelly has branched out to accommodate the needs of traders. PRO has been built as a platform focused around the needs of the customer, effectively enabling retail buying and selling of digital tokens and coins. Piggy-backing the great support system found within Changelly, Changelly PRO will provide the community with high limits, effective pricing, fast execution, and 24/7 live support.

Website: https://pro.changelly.com/

Twitter: twitter.com/changellyPRO